Cool Season Plantings for Soup, Salad, and Pie

Author: Meera, October 3, 2013


French sugar pumpkin are small but perfect for pies

French sugar pumpkins are small to mid-size–perfect for pies



This time of year the French sugar pumpkins, persimmons and pomegranates are ready to harvest and that means it’s also time to plant cool season crops.




Summer onions have formed large heads and been harvested so need replacing

My summer onions formed large bulbs that I have already harvested; it’s time to replace them with bunching onions


Yesterday I turned the dirt in one of my large planting boxes, added in some aged manure and other soil amendments, and planted  red and yellow onions for soups and salads during the fall and winter. I harvested seed from my summer onions and during the winter months will grow the seed in flats for spring planting.



The cool days ahead are perfect soup days and that means carrots, fennel, cilantro, cauliflower, potatoes, and bok choy will also find a place in my fall and winter garden.



In other raised beds and boxes, I’m planting heirloom lettuces, radishes, and spinach. These traditional salad ingredients are best grown during the fall or early spring as hot weather tends to make them bolt.


The lettuce and peas and onions are already ready for our table

The lettuces are already easy to grow in boxes with good soil


The pumpkins are ready for pie-making and Halloween carving. The persimmons are perfect for custards or for eating fresh when absolutely ripe (otherwise, the fruits are so tart they will make you pucker). And those lovely red pomegranate seeds are delicious eaten raw or tossed into salads.



For a list of Northern California cool seasons vegetables, check out Sunset Magazine’s edible gardening guide at If you plant to purchase seed f0r your own cool season garden, I urge you to choose non-genetically modified  and open-pollinated seeds so that you can harvest.



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