Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera to Treat a Minor Burn

Author: Meera, February 4, 2015



A stalk of lavender rises out over the rose-scented pelargonium

A gray-green stalk of lavender rises above the bushy rose-scented pelargonium




Lavender oil can reduce the pain of a minor burn and minimize inflammation. Since lavender oil is also an antiseptic, it serves to reduce the risk of a a secondary infection.


For a simple burn, run the afflicted area beneath cool water and then apply lavender oil. Next, cut a piece of aloe vera plant (if you have one growing in your kitchen or home), and apply the sap to the burn.


Perhaps you don’t own an aloe vera plant but have aloe vera cream. Cream or lotion of aloe vera without fixatives can also be applied to the burn. A dry bandage or Telfa pad to cover and possibly Tylenol or ibuprofen (for pain) is all that is required for a minor burn.


For a deeper burn or one acquired from contact with chemicals, electricity, or radiation, seek immediate medical attention.



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