Finding Treasures in the Seed Catalogs

Author: Meera, February 1, 2016

As a member of the grow-your-own-food movement, I pore over seed catalogs this time of year to search for heirloom vegetables that I want to grow on my farmette. If you’ve ever been inspired by the heirlooms (and not just tomatoes) displayed at a farmer’s market, you know what I mean.



Some wonderful heirlooms have fallen out of favor over the years and through generations. That’s a shame for those of us interested in maintaining the widest possible plant diversity. Gardeners often can find lots of heirloom tomatoes such as Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, and the “blue” tomatoes, including Indigo Apple. However, finding a great variety of heirloom vegetable seedlings might not be as easy as locating the tomatoes. That’s where rare seeds come in to play.



heirloom tomatoes taste great

Determinate and indeterminate vines produce loads of heirloom tomatoes



Seed companies that offer myriad heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs send out their catalogs around mid-January each year. But their seed offerings can be perused and purchased online as well. Some of my favorite seed companies and their websites include:



Territorial Seed Company,
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds,
Heirloom Seeds,
Sustainable Seed Company,
Annie’s Heirloom Seeds,
High Mowing Organic Seeds,
Eden Brothers Seed,n
Victory Seeds,




The heirloom Anahheim pepper has a big flavor with plenty of sizzle

The heirloom Anaheim pepper has plenty of sizzle




I’ve already removed empty cell packs, potting soil, and ice cream sticks(for plant labels) and placed them on the patio in preparation for starting my own seedlings from seed.



Once the seeds are planted in the cells, I’ll nurture along the seedlings until they are ready to go in the garden (after all chance of frost has passed). Then, Mother Nature will take over. I’ll enjoy sampling new varieties and saving seeds from those I want to grow again.






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