Easy Peasy Holiday Potpourri

Author: Meera, November 12, 2015

Potpourri mixtures are easy to create and their long-lasting fragrance can add an attractive visual appeal and fresh scent to any room. You can find many items in nature. Use a festive basket or crystal bowl for displaying your potpourri.





The leathery pomegranate peel takes center stage in this potpourri

A five-pointed, dry and leathery pomegranate peel takes center stage in this potpourri





Go on a nature walk to hunt for materials (see the List of Potpourri Items below).


Visit a shop for spices–whole nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and allspice.


Cut or purchase herbs (preferably dried)–lavender, rosemary, and mint.


Combine nature’s materials with spices, dried herbs, and dried citrus slices and peels.


Add rose petals, lavender buds, and/or pinecones and red cedar bark.


Arrange pretty seashells or small pieces of driftwood.


Include fresh leaves and berries from eucalyptus trees  and also he fuzzy seed pods of wisteria.


Put the potpourri in a pretty basket or cut crystal bowl; add a drop or two of essential oil if desired.





Combine using any of the following to create interesting mixes, textures, and colors.

  • pinecones
  • eucalyptus leaves and berries
  • rose hips
  • citrus peels
  • pomegranate peel
  • lavender buds
  • rosemary
  • yarrow
  • seed pods
  • red cedar bark
  • cinnamon sticks
  • dried rose petals
  • citrus slices
  • allspice
  • peppercorns
  • dried nutmeg
  • dried apple slices
  • carnation petals
  • seashells
  • dried rose petals
  • dried mint
  • essential oil—(rose, lemon, lavender, vanilla) to intensify scent





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