Here’s the update: We have a winning name for the cat–Cuddy (for cuddly and cutie and clever and kitty,-kitty). Winner has been notified and a free copy of A BEELINE TO MURDER in a tote bag has been mailed. We thank all who entered for their cat name suggestions.

The original post follows here:

Despite Holly Golightly calling her feline companion “Cat” in the the Blake Edward’s film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, cat lovers everywhere were probably cringing. Cats are as unique as the people who own them and, I believe, every cat should have a special name.




The newest addition to our farmette menagerie of animals

The newest addition to our farmette menagerie of animals





Recently, I adopted a beautiful unnamed cat from our local animal shelter to live with me on my Henny Penny Farmette. Only a year old and possibly abandoned or a runaway, she’d been found in a field. She was hungry, cold, and frightened.




She's intensely curious and loves slipping into the cave with the hole in her cat tree

She’s intensely curious and loves slipping into the cave hole in her cat tree



Immediately, she was checked to see if she had been spayed, and she reacted defensively. The behavior earned her an “unadoptable” status, except to a cat rescue organization. I lobbied the shelter staff to let me adopt her. They did.



Now I need a name for her Highness, and I think a contest might be the way to find that perfect name.



Here’s a little info about her to help you dream up the perfect name.


  • * She’s eager to give and receive affection, intelligent, and curious.
  • * She bears herself as though she were royalty
  • * She even looks regal–her animal shelter card states her breeding is believed to be a Siamese mixed with American domestic short hair.
  • * Her coloring is cream and lavender-gray
  • *She loves playing with kitty toys
  • *She sniffed all the books in my bookcase the first time she entered the house. (Methinks she likes being around books and writers)
  • *The window ledge overlooking the garden where the chickens, squirrels, and wild birds freely roam is her throne.


CONTEST RULES: The contest begins at midnight Friday, November 6, and ends on Thursday, November 19 at midnight. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 20 at 12 noon (Pacific Standard Time).


PRIZE: The winner will receive a free copy of A BEELINE TO MURDER novel and a tote bag.


TO ENTER: Simply send an email to: with your name and snail mail address and your perfect name for my cat. Limited to one name per entry, one entry per person. In the event, multiple people send the chosen name, the first person to have emailed it will be declared the winner.


And who knows–this cat may become a character in one of my future cozy mysteries. Check out the Henny Penny Farmette series of cozies, starting with A BEELINE TO MURDER (my debut novel).  See,






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