Time Out to Review My Copy-edited Manuscript

Author: Meera, March 4, 2015



My debut novel, the first in a series of three cozy mysteries set on the Henny Penny Farmette

My debut novel, the first in a series of three cozy mysteries set against the backdrop of the Henny Penny Farmette




You may have noticed fewer blogs in recent days. And for good reason–my debut novel has just been copy-edited and I’m busy doing the the revisions.



I enjoy editing, so this is not only fun, but a learning experience for me. My attitude is to always try to learn as much as I can as I go through any new process. My editor is a dream and the copy editor is expert at what she does for authors’ books. I’m just plain lucky to be working with such talent.



I will be checking back soon with farmette goings-on. I have chicken issues that scream for my attention right now. The Rhode Island Red got a splinter in her foot and was limping around until I finally caught her. My husband removed the splinter and we treated her wound with antibiotic ointment.



Today, she seems fine, but another chicken has health problems. I’ve separated her from the rest and will be closely watching her.



So, I’m taking a little time away from all the farmette tasks to focus on the copy-edited manuscript. I want my readers to love the story of my sleuth, her coterie of friends, and the murder of the small town’s beloved pastry chef, Jean-Louis Bonheur. The book is in the pipeline and this is just one phase of the process. More on this to come later.




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