Farmette Projects Don’t Stop, Even with the Rain

Author: Meera, November 22, 2014
storm clouds usher in the third in a series of rainstorms

Dark clouds usher in a rainstorm




The rains have arrived in the Bay Area . . . finally. Although my hubby and I are thankful for the wet stuff, we weren’t quite ready.



Our sheds have leaky roofs. I also need to install a different kind of gate on my chicken run; one that won’t swell with moisture and get stuck so that I can’t open it. I close the gate at night against predators, but the chickens free range in the yard during the day.



Our supply of building materials is dwindling as we are completing some projects. Much of the stone and retaining wall materials, torn out from estates that are being re-landscaped, were donated to us. Carlos and I were only too glad to integrate them into our own landscape. We work on it little by little.




Apricot-colored flagstones reduce the mud tracked into the house

Rain helps along the roses; the flagstone walkway reduces the amount of mud tracked into the house




With mud everywhere, I probably appreciate more than anyone having the flagstoneĀ  leading to the front door, however, we still need to fill the spaces between the flagstone with gravel.



We’ve built fences and put up the frame for an entrance trellis where the gate will go in. We also have constructed a porch trellis that I will grow wisteria over, but we have to install the porch floor first. We’re using plywood in the meantime.



The long half-circle driveway is packed dirt, although we have shoveled in gravel where my husband parks his truck. Now that the rains have arrived, the driveway is pretty muddy. We need to figure out whether we’ll put in gravel for entire length of the driveway (there’s some there now) or lay asphalt or stone.



So while it rains, I think about our master plan for the farmette. We’ve come a long way . . . but there’s still a huge distance to go and some projects can’t wait for spring like those leaky shed roofs.




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