I haven’t had to call on my first-aid skills in a while, but today I lost control of a tree trunk round (that must have weighed close to a hundred pounds). It broke the skin in several places, bruised the flesh, and caused swelling within minutes.



Silly me--if I'd worn boots, I probably wouldn't have the cuts on my lower leg

Silly me–if I’d worn boots instead of loafers, my leg would have been protected against cuts and bruises




Luckily, I didn’t break my ankle. This is my comeuppance, I suppose, for going against my architect husband’s admonition not to mess with those rounds regardless of how badly I wanted to keep work moving forward on the farmette landscaping at the front of our house.




These babies run 2.5 to 3 feet wide; they kept our feet out of water during the rainy season the first year we came but it's been drought ever since

Two- to three-feet wide, these babies are no longer needed in the landscape and can trigger termite infestation when they lie against the soil




The way I see it, it’s only by us tackling something every day that we will ever be able to complete the restoration that this old place needs. I believe it’s been without tender loving care for at least a generation.




Last week, my husband brought in a bobcat and within a few hours had hauled away stone, dirt, and dead stumps. We can now lay paving stones to create a sitting area for outdoor entertaining. The floor he laid at my daughter’s house is pretty and functional. She tells me they love the area and so do their children and friends.




This patio floor that my husband recently laid required several stone shapes and two colors--gray and terra cotta

This patio floor that my husband recently laid required several stone shapes and two colors–gray and terra cotta




Out front, we’ve transferred the irises to a raised bed, but the tree that was severely diseased, as well as rocks and wooden stumps, are gone now.




With the tree and irises gone, this area is now flat

Flat and ready for sand and a stone floor, this area won’t have to be watered



My husband tells me we’re going to get some help with the landscaping work at the front of our property this week. So, in case he warms to the idea of letting me participate, too, I’ll get out my boots, bandana, and straw hat.



You can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. What can I say . . . I just love digging in the dirt even when it involves the personal risk of bumps and scrapes–isn’t that expected when doing renovation?


*Update on the foot–checked by a doctor and no break. I’ll be drop kicking turnips in no time!








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