My daughter knew my husband Carlos had an opening in his schedule and wanted him to create a carefree stone floor for her backyard. She wasn’t interested in grass or plants, given the California drought, and her husband came up with a design. Easy.



Sand is placed over gravel and raked before the stone is set and leveled

Sand is placed over gravel and raked before the stone is set in place, hammered down, and leveled



But as it turns out, the design was fairly complicated. It consisted of a cross with a circular medallion. The stones were four different sizes and two different colors. Maybe not so easy.




Getting the medallion correctly positioned followed after a few rows of stone were laid

Green string, tightly strung provides a guide for correctly positioning the stones in the circle and in straight lines




Carlos, nevertheless, rose to the occasion and with a buddy got to work. My daughter swore that all the sand and rock Carlos would need were already there from the previous patio, but that turned out not to be the case.




the floor pattern jumps out at you when you spray it with water

The floor pattern emerges more clearly when you spray it with water



So imagine Carlos’s surprise when he realized he would have to pull out the dirt, level the ground, and do all that prep work before he could start laying stone.



Everyone put their stress aside, ordered sand and gravel, assemble the tools like the rake, mallet, and wheelbarrow, and enlisted one of our neighbors for additional help.




It took more than week. But the work is almost finished. My daughter loves the patio and she’s already planning a late summer party to show it off.



Carlos is thinking maybe we could use a floor like that on our farmette. With all the work we do, it’s nice to have a flat floor with a bench and table to sit a spell and catch your breath.





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