Simple Strawberry Ice Cream

Author: Meera, June 14, 2013




Luscious strawberries, big, red, and ripe means it's time for strawberry jam

Homemade ice cream using fresh strawberries is the perfect summer treat


With fruit so abundant this time of year, the opportunities for making homemade treats are seemingly endless. I like to pick a quart or more of strawberries when they’ve ripened to make ice cream. Strawberry ice cream is a perfect treat for a Father’s Day picnic or barbecue.


This STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM recipe is simple to follow and only requires a few ingredients and a little time.





1 to 2 quarts ripe strawberries


2 cups sugar


3 pints cream


pinch of salt


2 Tablespoons vanilla





Pick, wash, and hull the strawberries.


Pass them through a course sieive, mashing and pressing the berries through the holes into a bowl.


Mix with 1 cup of sugar and set aside for one hour.


Scald the cream in a double boiler.


Add 1 cup sugar and pinch of salt to the cream to make the custard.


Remove from heat, and let cool.


Stir vanilla into the cream custard.


Fold the strawberry mixture into the custard and freeze.


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