Making A Flower Essence In Eight Easy Steps

Author: Meera, April 25, 2013



Rose petals, Spanish lavender, and French perfume lavender can all be used to make a flower essence

Rose petals, Spanish lavender, and French perfume lavender each can be used to make a flower essence


Although flower essences technically are not made for scent or perfume, some flowers  carry their scent along with their subtle energy vibration that is stored in the flower petals used to create the essence. Flower essences can be used in aroma therapy or as a tincture that can be consumed for health and well being.


Flower-derived essential oils provide potent scent, but I’ve made flower essences (not essential oils) that also offer scent. You can, too. The process is simple and involves eight steps.


You’ll need bottles (sterilized) with stoppers or caps, tweezers (to pluck flower petals), glass bowls to hold the petals, sterile spring water, and brandy (as preservative).


Because you don’t want to introduce any contaminants into the essence, do not use your fingers to touch (contaminate) the petals, water, or brandy during the process.


Use only organically grown flower petals that you’ve gathered during the early morning hours when your flowers are freshest. Sterilize the stopper bottles in boiling water.


Using your tweezers, pluck the rose petals, lavender tips, or other flowers. You can mix rose varieties, but don’t mix rose petals with other flowers. Note: the Spanish lavender scent is slightly different than the French perfume lavender.


Step 1. Gather your petals or flower heads and put them into a glass container (bowl or large mouth wine glass).

Step 2. Add the sterile water to cover.

Step 3. Place in direct sunlight (cloudless days in spring and summer are best) and leave for at least 3 hours.

Step 4. Use tweezers to remove the flowers and any debris from the water.

Step 5. Fill your special stopper bottles half full with brandy.

Step 6. Pour the flower water to fill the bottle to the neck.

Step. 7. Seal the bottle with a stopper and label the bottle with the type of flower essence and the date.

Step 8. Shake the bottle gently several times. Now your flower essence is ready to use.


Rose essence (like a rose essential oil used in aroma therapy) can balance the emotions, while lavender is considered a stress reducer.



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